30 Day Pre-Wedding Bridal Boot Camp

Does flawless skin seem too much to ask for?

How to solve any skin issue only a month from the big day

In the one-month countdown to the big day, there's so much to do. But most vitally, can you ensure that whatever skincare issue you have right now won't be still plaguing you in a month? Or, even more frustrating, that all the potions, lotions, and creams you're slathering on to ensure you'll be your most photo-ready aren't doing more harm than good? However, adjusting your skincare regimen and getting the targeted treatments you need 30 days out will result in skin that looks positively glowing and gorgeous when you walk down the aisle.

Ideally you should start treating your skin three to six months before your wedding, but you can still see great results with only one month to prepare. Even if you've procrastinated, there are fast fixes for skin concerns of all varieties. Heed these tips and maybe family will be the only drama you're dealing with the week of your wedding—no skin issues!

Don’t wait until the last minute to start your Bridal Beauty Routine

The more time you have to correct dull, tired looking skin, generally the better. Though you’ll want to do something close enough to the big day so that you are still visibly radiant while you walk down the aisle. If you’re correcting acne or more serious skin issues, you should work with a doctor at least 4 months ahead. If it’s dull skin you wish to banish, you’ll want to start your beauty routine around the time that the RSVPS are being finalised, about 30 days before d-day!

Don’t Do Anything Drastic

The ultimate beauty goal for most brides is to look like themselves, but better. Many brides get carried away with invasive, doctor administered procedures to melt away all signs of ageing. We can’t stress enough how this is not the way to go. Not only do you risk having a bad reaction to a procedure with serious downtime, you also are in danger of not looking like you. You should attempt to look like the beautiful person that you’re partner is expecting to walk down the aisle.

Exfoliate Every Other Night

One of the most important steps for glowing skin is exfoliating, and it is best to do this before bed every other night leading up to the nuptials. Exfoliating can help combat dull-looking skin because it gets rid of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. While we age, and particularly during stressful moments, our skin’s ability to shed these cells slows down. Regular exfoliation helps boost the process and reveals more glowing, youthful skin. As well, beautiful bridal-makeup begins with good skin, and no foundation will look perfect (and glowy) without a smooth, exfoliated base.

Start a Glow-Inducing Beauty Cure

There are a lot of products on the market that promise glowing skin, but very few actually work. MESO-GLOW, the 5-week vitamin boosting skincare treatment was designed to give you hydrated, glowing skin that lasts for weeks. Drenched in hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and Copper Gluconate, known glow boosters, and with the application of the provided derma-roller, the 5-week treatment is easy to use and more effective than most creams. Vogue just called it the ‘Product found in Every Star’s Vanity Case’ during the Cannes Film Festival. And because ‘Red Carpet Ready’ is not that far from ‘Bridal Beauty’, it seems fitting!

Start Incorporating Hydrating Food and Water into your Diet Today!

No matter what skin type or issue you may have, our body craves water. Drinking water is great, but eating foods that are naturally hydrating can do wonders for the complexion as well. On day 30, try to start eating more watermelon, grapefruit, cucumbers, tomatoes and kale. A good rule is to include an additional 2 water-rich fruits or veggies in your diet. When you do this, you will be supplying your skin with the hydration it needs to stay young, smooth and glowing. As well, incorporating some of these hydrating food will help regulate your digestion and prevent stress-related bloating. Do you need more convincing?

Schedule in Some Extra Beauty Sleep

Planning a wedding isn’t always stress free, in fact according to a recent survey of 500 engaged and newlywed couples, 7 out of 8 (that’s 96%!!!) said wedding planning was stressful. And for most of us, stress equals sleepless nights with a lot of tossing and turning. While there is little to do to avoid the sleepless couple nights leading up to the wedding, you can store up on sleep now. Schedule in lazy weekends, nap whenever you can, and say no social outing that may result in shortened rest. You will have plenty of time to catch up with your loved ones on the big day, take care of you, and get glowing, rested-looking skin in return.

Boost your Glow while You Sleep

To avoid looking a shade of Cheeto on your big day, start your self-tanning regime 30 days before to be sure that the color suits you. Look for a product that is progressive, meaning it will become gradually darker with each application. A good rule is to start using a product two times per week before bed. If you don’t seem to reach your desired sunkissed glow within 2 weeks, add in one application. Our favorite, and no-fail self-tanner is the Subtle Bronzing Face Cream. Designed to maintain a healthy glow and youthful radiance, this product is non-greasy and fast absorbing, and leaves a gentle perfumed scent and a progressive, subtle bronzed-effect. It was elected, for good reason, by Doctissimo, as one of the best self-tanners for 2017!

The Round Up:

Start incorporating these easy to follow beauty tips 30 days before your wedding. This is the optimal timing you will have time to really achieve that glow at it’s peak.

Consider starting an efficient 30 day ‘glowing’ treatment, like MESO-GLOW.

Incorporate at least 2 hydrating fruits or vegetables to give you that Inner Glow!

Sleep as much as you can now. So you can dance all night on the big day!

Start working on your sun-kissed glow with the help of the Subtle Bronzing Face Cream, winner of best self-tanner for 2017.

Wake up feeling like a princess on your special day!

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